Hillston backpackers – Hillston – NSW

What a disgusting place to live, I genuinely cannot believe that people stay here for longer than they must. – I'm warning you, if you continue reading, its gets worse and you will feel immediately itchy. My time at Hillston backpackers was essentially an accidental holiday, I was told by Trevor that when we arrived... Continue Reading →


So you plan on going to Australia?

So if you’re a bit like me and your pretty spontaneous you may have already decided that you would like to go to Australia for an indeterminate amount of time and whilst you’re there you would like to probably work and also see the hot spots of the wonderful island(s) they call Australia. Well if... Continue Reading →

‘ I Might Be Back. ‘

  Wow, it’s really been a long time hasn’t it! The last time I was writing anything for this blog I was trying to keep up with the fact I was moving town every few days, experiencing new things every day and meeting the most wonderful people in Asia. It’s safe to say that that... Continue Reading →

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