Day 29!?! – Sorry

When I started my travelling adventure I wanted to create a blog to keep in touch with family and friends and keep people updated on what I was doing day to day, what I didn’t consider was how much fun, how busy I would be and how little time I would want to spend staring at a screen. It became very quickly apparent that day to day blogging whilst meeting new people, having a good time and making the most of your experience is very, very difficult.

I wasn’t prepared for the amount of people you meet or how busy your days are. I didn’t realise that the hour or two a day writing a blog of what you have done is taking away precious hours of sleep you lost last night and the fact that spending this time with your face pressed against a screen is one of the most antisocial techniques that exists – at least you can look up from your phone or put it away when necessary, doing all of that with a laptop is effort and last and certainly not least…. Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi has so far been basically non-existent, hostels try their best and provide you with service but the quantity of users makes the bandwidth un usable. I write what I can on Microsoft word offline and I transfer it over but trying to export photos to this site or any other sites is a task not even Russian hackers could achieve.

What this post is trying to explain is that I apologise to anyone that has been relying on regular updates via this site, Instagram works well under poor Wi-Fi so I have been able to maintain a small point of contact through the medium of photographs of me, my friends and some of the things I have seen. From now on I will be only posting blogs about cities/towns or specifics. Giving everyone a rendition of my everyday can become monotonous and I don’t expect you to pretend otherwise.

For (semi) regular, photographic updates – follow my Instagram – BlondeBlokeAbroad

Quick update: I’m on day 29 and i have to sadly leave Thailand… The motley crew consisting on Natasha, Kevin, Adam and I have disbanded and are all exploring different areas of the world. Im currently in bangkok and excited to depart tomorrow for my next stop, Malaysia where I will try and keep everyone updated.


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