My time in Pai – Thailand.

As my previous post explained, I have decided to change direction with my blogs and write fewer post. If that’s even possible, I only got to day seven and I leave the country in like 4 days! But I digress.

Day seven consisted of the final moments of Chiang Mai, a lovely town with an amazing culture and loads to see, part of me thinks that I didn’t get the best of Chiang Mai as the focus of being there was for the elephants – even though our elephant experience was one of my favourite and by far the most interesting when compared to other people’s experiences – I feel that Chiang Mai as a city didn’t get enough of my attention. From what I saw there it was a small bustling little town with markets and wonderful food and a fairly compact nightlife, we didn’t explore the depths of the town due to time schedules and we due to unforeseen weather circumstances and a lack of motorcycle experience I never got to experience the full experience of riding from Chiang Mai to Pai on the famous windy road.

Pai was our next stop though and what a place Pai was, this is where I had my first Thailand scooter experience. Zipping through jungle roads, riding to waterfalls, late night trips to seven eleven – Amazing. It’s difficult to sum up why Pai was such a nice play to be without using the word ‘chill’ which is a word I don’t like using and hopefully won’t have to again, but it is the best way to describe this small, jungle town. It had everything you could need and honestly I don’t think I would have left if I didn’t have to, I’m sure there was much more to see and I would go back in a heartbeat. We stayed in a hostel called Purple monkey, right on the outskirts of one of the main roads of which the town has maybe 12 in total (roads, not main roads – seriously it’s pretty small) and you could walk to end of that and be right in the centre of the town where the streets were lined with food stalls and clothing stalls and ice cream and coconuts and wow it was really amazing, behind these stalls are bars and clubs all selling beers and cocktails and buckets. If you’re reading this and going.. sounds just like Khaosan road you would be wrong, It’s so much more than Khaosan road because it’s so much more chill (DAMNIT). The rumours are true, it’s a very drug friendly town –there’s doobies and shakes all over the place but as I am not one to dabble (my excuse has always been that alcohol gets me to the level I want to be so why do I need to try anything else, which I think is a valid excuse and trust me, so did everyone else.) in anything other than alcohol, nothing was nicer to see than a person offer and then kindly accept your decline without judgement, it makes the whole experience a memorable one. Just because the use of drugs there is more visible than other places it doesn’t mean there’s more of it going on… I’m sure people just hide it away more in other places because the police in other towns and countries crack down hard on the use of illegal substances.

Anyway! Pai! Great town, lovely Viewpoints, fantastic waterfalls, great temples and fantastic people. Meeting people and getting together for a beer or a game of pool has never been easier. If you go – rent a scooter. you see so much more and you can do what Kevin and I did which is ride half way to Pai to play on the windy road on a dry day, I loved it. I’m pretty sure Kevin, Adam and I have all said that we want to scrap driving cars when were back and get on two wheels. It’s so much fun.

Also I want to add that I went to this amazing place called ‘The Land split’ – there have been a few earthquakes over the past decade or so and the earth is breaking apart at the edge of the plate, this has led to amazing nutrients in the soil and they grow some amazing fruits and veg there and there’s a free buffet at the end (donation suggested) so you can try everything this lovely man grows there. This is in the same direction as the hot springs in the national park –  another must do! You wouldn’t believe how hot a pond in the woods can get – take a rubber duck and you’ll feel like you’re in the bath.

Tips for Pai

  • Say No if you want to but don’t get angry if the people you’re with say yes.
  • Rent scooters from day one, from Chiang Mai if you can – even if you’re novice. It’s worth it – DON’T HAND OVER YOUR PASSPORT – driving license will do for most.
  • Find a hostel with a bar in it – this helps you meet a variety of people.
  • Visit the waterfall you can jump off.
  • Visit the ‘The land split’.
  • Visit the hot springs.
  • There’s some caves you can visit too – go there!
  • Visit the white Buddha.
  • Don’t get a taxi from the bus station. Almost every hostel is in walking distance.
  • Have a blast because it’s really easy to.



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