“Long tail boaaat” Krabi

Throughout their time in Thailand, the four musketeers when in a situation of dependency, excitement or boredom would repeat funny things they had heard during their travels. These snippets of comedy genius became the cornerstone to the bond of the group.

Why am I writing in third person when I obviously mean me and the knights we call gnee?! I’m not sure but these snippets brought joy to us all. One that has typical significance to my next location, Krabi… is one of my favourites. During a very hot, very hungover grand palace tour on the first day the band got together in Bangkok there was this solitary old Thai lady, standing very still, moving her lips very slightly whispering with as much enthusiasm as she could muster : “long tail boat” to help you guys out ill translate it to “laahng tay boh”

Who would have thought that these three words, said in such a way would spark a wave of good times to come but this isn’t a post about Bangkok or laahng tay bohs it’s about Krabi! Specifically, the beachy Ao Nang.

“Do you like sleep?”

In our haste to get away from Koh phi phi and get to our next destination; Krabi we forgot to book a hostel so it came down to the man with a plan (phone plan) to save the day! He found a good one, nice rooms, good showers! Perfect ‘Let’s see the photos” we all cheered with glee. Looks good! Book it. 2 nights? Yep I’m in. sorted.


Read the reviews guys… the hostel itself was lovely, right on the beach, tasty beds, big ol’ pillows and showers you could actually wash your hair in but the clue, which none of us picked up on was in the name: Balcony PARTY hostel. That’s right no more sleep for us! This was worse than the last one! Three floors up from a courtyard of noisy bars, 2 floors up from a very loud, live music venue and one floor up from a lady boy cabaret show! How can you go so wrong? We all wanted to sleep and I didn’t get a wink, the music was going until 1 in our hostel for the pub crawl and then 3 for the cabaret and the live venue went on until about 5! And they were shit!

Safe to say the gang got to see a grumpy Joe the next day, and the weather was miserable so we ended up staying in the hostel all day playing Uno and Yahtzee with a new girl who had rocked up called Laura. She was nice, German I think, awesome at Yahtzee… terrible at beer pong. We decided to drink that night because if you can’t beat 4 floors of conflicting music genres, join them.

“How Many Steps!?”


“Oh, Okay”



19648018_10155293295221427_760507833_oLuckily we only booked 2 nights and decided not to extend, we had somewhere important to be but before our boat the next day a very sober and refreshed Kevin and a very hungover tired me decided we would climb 1237 steps to the top of tiger cave temple at 8 am! I’m so happy I did,  we were the only ones up there, we nearly got mauled by a group of monkeys and the views were spectacular, it was nice to see a bit of Krabi that wasn’t just booze and bar crawls. We tried to get to railay beach the afternoon before but the weather was so poor the laahng tay bohs wouldn’t take us (This is the major significance to my story at the beginning). At this point I’m starting to realise were not very good travellers, our time scale for each place is way too short to fit cultural stuff in around alcohol.

But I will always remember that it was here, in Ao nang, Krabi that I realised something that would later change all of our perspectives on Thai locals…

When they’re trying to sell you something, they just say an English word and put ‘Kaa” on the end of it.


Massage (kaa)

Suit (kaa)

Bucket (kaa)

Taxi (kaa)

Good food (kaa)

Laahng Tay Boh (kaa)


This would change Thailand as we knew it.


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