My time in Phuket – Thailand.

From Pai to Phuket

I still have no idea how to pronounce Phuket so I’m glad I’m just typing it and not saying it on audio or video. Is it Foo – ket or fuh-ket or poo-ket or fuh-kit. I have no idea… if you know and you really know… because I’m telling you most of the people I spoke to said it differently, then get back to me and help me out.

So we flew like the lavish jet setters we are to Phuket, but not from Pai, why? Because that would be the smart way to do it… instead we got on a bus from Pai to Chiang Mai which is about 4 hours and then spent about 4 hours in Chiang Mai in a McDonald’s because it had air conditioning, nice toilets and Wi-Fi – it was my first experience of a double big mac and coincidentally the first western food I had on this trip – awe then got a taxi to Chiang Mai airport, then flew to Bangkok where we transferred onto a flight south to Phuket. If this is the normal route people take, then they’re crazy but it wasn’t very expensive and worked out well on times which was nice.


IMG_1956We had two apparent choices in Phuket as we wouldn’t be there very long as we all had a schedule to keep to make sure we made it to koh phangnan. Our choice was between pa tong (party central) or Kata Beach (Surfer central) and because I wanted to try surfing and Natasha wanted a nice beach and nobody really wanted to party after partying plenty in Pai, we chose Kata beach. Lovely place, stayed in a hostel called fin, a very modern hostel full of surf boards and snorkels and sex wax, 5 minutes to the beach and great showers. It was a nice opportunity to relax but we soon realised that there were very few people there and it made the experience very savoury. Nobody around, nobody to talk to, shops weren’t getting any custom so their prices were very high and it was an all-round disappointing experience. All though on our first night I got coaxed to Patong for a night on the juice by losing a game of ‘what are the odds’ often shortened to ‘odds’. Patong was fun, famous Bangla road is very much like Khaosan, full of backpackers wanting to party and right then, so did Natasha, Adam and I… Maybe Adam partied a little too much as he winded up leaving his phone (s7) in the taxi on the way back which he never got back.

The beach was nice but wasn’t really surf able at my level of competancy so we ended up just getting battered by waves one afternoon trying to swim in the sea. We made multiple attempts to get to places on Phuket that were of interest, including some view points and attractions but the taxi guys were insistent to rip us off because they had no custom. Prices must have been 5 times higher than everywhere else just because they had nobody to take for a ride and this sort of took any enthusiasm out of us to go and see any attractions but I did take a ride on a beach swing, try and do a circuit in an outdoor gym and got myself an ice cream roll thing!IMG_2007

IMG_2005A fantastic review of

Phuket was the epicentre of a world wide illness starting with Kevin. Aches, pains and high fevers and it cut to the core of the group formally known as the Brady bunch. Not only did it take out Kevin, but also Natasha,  Adam was suffering from a serious case of Losthisphoneosmosis (after an unfortunate Incident) so we didn’t really do much in Phuket, we ended up just watching a few movies on the hostel’s cinema screen. we watched ‘Along came Polly’ which sourced us with classic scuba related quotes for the remainder of our trip which was perfect timing as Koh tao was coming up soon.

With Phuket being a hotspot for travellers… some people say its the best place they have been, I want to do it again because I feel like I must have not gone gone deep enough… its almost like saying you don’t like bananas because you’ve only tasted the skin. If I get a second chance at Phuket ill stay in Patong, or Karon beach and go during high season.

‘Hey Ruben!. . . Are you for scuba?!’



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