My Time on Koh PhiPhi.

‘It’s 8:24 – if he isn’t here by 8:31 I will go ask someone’ exclaimed Kevin, clearly the leader of the group at this point as he had donned the infamous bucket hat.

Suddenly a feint “Koh phi phiiii” can be heard, a loud noise coming from a very small, angry looking Thai man. In fact, he wasn’t angry, he was lovely and was the bus driver that was taking us from Phuket (thank god) to Koh phi phi and we were all very excited to find out if this picturesque tropical island lived up to the hype.


When anyone asks me about koh phi phi hostels or a recommendation of where to stay I reply with the same 4 words every time. ‘Do you like sleep?” Often this is welcomed with a laugh as Koh phi phi is notorious for being a very loud, party island and if you hostel anywhere near the beach, it’s very unlikely that you will be getting a good night’s sleep.

We stayed right on the beach in a hostel called stones and it turned out to be one of, if not the most popular party spot on that beach and our room happened to be located about 3 inches above a pair of what I’m sure were speakers formally used in concerts for a stadium of 80000 people as they made all of the 4 bunk beds in our room vibrate to the point they left the ground. If you party, and get drunk enough… the music stopped at 2 which means you could get a few hours of kip in before the music started again late afternoon the next day.

Find a hostel off the beach, a bungalow or even a resort further inland and you should be fine, that is only if you don’t want the “party, party” atmosphere because many people do want it – we wanted it – 1 of our 3 nights there, the other two it was forced upon us.

Other than this, Koh phi phi is amazing. A beautiful beach which harbours the most unbelievable sunset, its crazy how something like that exists – we actually chatted about how that when the sun sets in Thailand, it almost exactly corresponds to the sunrise in Denver, Colorado (where Kevin is from) which is pretty cool to think about.

IMG_2025The island has lots of drinking spots, beer pong, pool tables and even a muay thai fighting arena where tourists go glove to glove to discover which one is the least drunk, the prize is a crappy medal and a bucket filled with ice and a shot or two of undefinable alcohol. Either way its super fun to watch and my buddy Adam got in the ring and got a bloody nose as a souvenir.


Kevin and I went kayaking to monkey island and saw ZERO monkeys, which is disappointing because you’d imagine they would be all over the place but they aren’t. The kayaking was fun though, check my insta for a cracking photo which makes me look like I’ve been to the gym…  trust me, I haven’t since I left.


There was also a pool party at the hostel next to ours on one of the days (don’t ask me when, I’ve lost all concept of days and time) which was fun but I can only imagine that the pool everyone was swimming in was full of disease. We made friends with our roomates which was god because they were all girls, this meant Natasha had someone to speak to that didn’t have male organs.

Koh phi phi is linked to many other beautiful islands, including maya bay! which as you probably know is ‘The beach”. The one where Leonardo DiCaprio killed that shark and stuff. Go there, its nice.

Overall, Koh phi phi is a fun heartened tropical paradise that is a must see/do if you’re visiting Thailand.

Tips for Kohphiphi

  • Go to the viewpoint (I didn’t but I hear it’s amazing)
  • Kayak to monkey island (try and see monkeys)
  • Get drunk (it’s impossible not to)
  • Try to sleep away from the beach
  • Ask a fire dancer guy why they don’t burn themselves (I still don’t know)
  • Be prepared to meet some oddballs.

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