Let’s talk about Koh Tao – The Death Island

Koh Tao has in recent years been dubbed ‘The death island’ this is because the amount of strange tourist deaths that occur on the more isolated parts of this paradise island in the south of Thailand. Fortunately, none of us died on this island and as far as I’m aware to date nobody else did whilst we were there.

The island was just as expected as soon as we arrived on the boat… busy… so busy. The coast is lined with scuba and snorkelling boats, restaurants, cafes and every other place you can imagine filled with people selling you tours and tourists alike. Koh Tao was all of our final destinations in Thailand, my plan was to end my Thailand time here and get certified for scuba open water. Have you ever said to yourself ‘I’ll just show up on the island and walk into a hostel and see if there are any rooms…’ Yeah well sometimes that doesn’t work, Adam and I rocked up at a hostel that Kevin had booked a room in expecting us to be able to just get a room there and then but they were full and according to Hostel world, so was everywhere else, it took some sweet talking to get us a room but eventually he was able to find us a place but I’m pretty sure he cancelled someone else’s room who was late.

The Power rangers had dilapidated and now Natasha was roaming Thailand on her lonesome due to the fact she doesn’t go to the gym enough to hold a tank of air on her back and dive to depths only true Power rangers can handle. Adam and I spent most of our time on the island doing our open water course, we did it with a company called Rocktopus with our instructor Nico. Honestly, on the second day I thought I was going drop out – turns out I can’t swim that well – we were asked to swim 200m in a pool in a circle and I struggled with that and then I was asked to tread water for 10 minutes and I struggled with that too! Why was I never taught how to actually swim and not just from one side of a pool to the other?!

Luckily, scuba doesn’t require much of what I struggled most with, which is the need to pattern breathe as you swim, you either have a tank of air or a snorkel and that means I was A-Okay to scuba and we all completed our courses with Flying colours. Cannot recommend rocktopus more though, the instructors were all informative but fun and the facilities were great and we got a video too! Ill Link it to this page ill upload it to my YouTube.


Koh Tao also consisted of a bar crawl which was pretty great! Kevin knew some people from back home who were on the island and they joined the Ghostbusters on the bar crawl and it made the night one to remember. We all got drunk, we danced and we jumped fire.


Koh tao also had cracking sunsets:


Next stop is Bangkok – time for Thailand to come to an end.


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