Guess who’s Back? – Ive been busy.

I bet you have been sat there behind your computer or on your phone thinking; when the hell is Joe’s next epic blogpost about his equally as epic travelling trip going to come out? It’s been ages since his last one.

You’re right! It has been forever and I suppose I have a little bit of a confession to make… I haven’t been updating my posts in real time! I think my last post was about Koh Tao and it being the death island and I think I wrote that whilst I was in my last stop in Malaysia! – yeah that’s right since Thailand I visited Malaysia for a month and boy what a trip it was! In all honesty, everything that went down probably isn’t publically publishable but I can give you a very basic summary of it all on this post!

First I landed in Kuala Lumpur (known as KL to us cultured types ;)) and whoa what a city it is! honestly I landed and I pooped my pants a little bit because it was at this exact moment that I realised that this was the first time I was actually a solo traveller! I had arrived in Thailand with my trusty travel companion Natasha and then we met Kevin and Adam and formed the A team (A stands for awesome, amazing, absolutely unprepared) so when I arrived here in Malaysia with new money, a new language and a completely new culture it took me aback slightly and maybe a few days to adjust completely.

KL was amazing! this city is fantastic and the food blew my little tiny blonde mind i couldnt believe how much I loved it.

First impressions of malaysia were very good, it would seem everything here is cheaper than Thailand by a fair whack and they even have seven 11’s but they’re not as good as thailand . . I’m sorry no toasties… turn away now if you’re too upset.


They do have a Nando’s in KL though and it is half price what you would expect in the UK… I have no idea about the rest of the world, I will have to investigate. Chinatown in KL is awesome! Batu Caves are amazing too! you should definitely go see them! even though the rain caught me off guard… they don’t call it the rainy season for nothing, my time in KL was taken up a lot by the rain and my confusion but I visit KL again on my way back and I will go into depth about KL then!

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 16.31.33

I was in KL a few days and panicked because I thought I was wasting time in a big city, pulled out a map from the hostel and found a place I could go – Langkawi – a quick flight away to a supposedly beautiful tropical paradise where I could laze on a beach, drink smoothies and swim in the sea until my heart’s content but unfortunately this wasn’t the case… ever heard of the word monsoon? Yeah it’s a shop in the UK but jeez it means a whole bunch of rain and it means you get wet on the beach, you get wet eating food and you get wet drinking booze… I don’t think I was dry for the full 4 days I was on the island and to top it all off when the weather is bad, the power is a little bit hit and miss on the island too!

This didn’t put me off though, me and my solo boots got me out of bed and went on the hunt for people that would put up with me for a few hours, possibly even a whole day! This lead me to some awesome people! We had a few adventures together including multiple Ubers around the island and a cable car up to the sky bridge which is incidentally a suspension bridge with the the world largest single supporting pylon at 82 meters. What was great was that we were able to be up in the clouds, what wasn’t good was that we were up in the clouds and there was no view to be seen… so here is a stock image so you can see what I should have seen compared to what I got to see!

There was a moment of clarity whilst I was up there and I was able to get this shot:

Adventures involved a lot of alcohol in the evenings this was because booze here was the cheapest I had ever seen ever – and I’ve been drinking £1 VKS since I was a teenager! – alcohol on the island is completely duty free which ends up in bad hangovers. The exchange range worked out about 5.4 RM (Malaysian Ringgits) to the £1 the following are some guide prices for you to awe at:

  • Gordons Gin 1 Litre – 39 RM
  • Kronenberg 500ml Can – 1.75 RM (3.5RM/2)
  • Belvedere 1 Litre – 100RM
  • Absolut 1 Litre – 39RM
  • Captain Morgan Spice – 29RM
  • Balantine’s 3.5 Litre – 250RM

I think I still have a hangover


After Langkawi I decided on the route I wanted to take across Malaysia, this route seemed to be similar to a lot of other people so the inevitably at my next location I spotted someone from Langkawi and we decided to do a few spots together. This was Flavia, part of the sky bridge posse and we had a blast.

I found her in a place called Georgetown, Penang – an old colonial town which is famous for its street art and its British vibe – the street food here is amazing too. Of an evening maybe around 7-8 go to Chulia street, which isn’t far from Love Lane (which is where a lot of the accom is) and this way you can have a slap up meal for next to nothing! I had Korean food on my first night and I was in Malaysia! Crazy! – I moved hostel after my first two nights there because I decided I wanted a change. Changed to Tipsy Tiger… a party hostel but this time I was in the mood to meet some people and party in a new town! Booze was not cheap here but it kind of evens out because of how cheap Langkawi was (that’s what I told myself anyway). They were even kind enough to offer me a job there behind the bar only working for accom and food but still a snazzy deal – turns out someone I met later in my trip ended up working there which I think is pretty cool.

In Penang you should definitely go to Penang hill because the View is Incredible:

You should also go and see the street art:


Also go see the Chinese Jetty’s – they were amazing! So much history!

I also basically found my favourite meal ever – it’s all on banana leaf and the only thing that I know on there is rice… but it was all vegetarian and it was amazing…  doubt it can tempt me away from bacon but it was so TASTY

This one actually had chicken – but it definitely doesn’t need chicken ever!

That’s all for now – I’ll hit y’all back soon with Malaysia part 2




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